This is a visual arts portfolio of Reggie LeFlore. All races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, and citizens of all countries are welcome here.

About RAL86


Reggie LeFlore, aka RAL86, is a visual artist from Omaha Nebraska, currently residing in Minneapolis Minnesota.

The aim of his work is to showcase his technical, conceptual, and philosophical views of Street Art culture. These aspects are portrayed through the reference of people, where the likeness of the human form are painted in various color schemes, styles and scales.

LeFlore works exclusively with aerosol paints, stencils, paint markers and acrylic paints. He also uses cartooning and graphic design experience that’s interchanged throughout his projects, creating a hybrid style of Street Art-inspired works that are painted on canvases, wood panels, large scale wall spaces, and other various surfaces.

-A Note From The Artist-

As a fan of Street Art, I enjoy the visual process of murals, stencils, and graffiti style lettering, but I’ve also learned to respect the power that’s contained within these art forms and styles. Understanding their impact on society is a very important concept to observe in these works, whether it’s through the use of simple and consistent tagging through neighborhoods, or if it’s through the use of large scale mural projects.

With that said, I feel that it’s very important for me as a visual artist to be conscious of these concepts as I create my work, creating works that respect our environments, social challenges, and the people within them.

Thank you for taking the time to view this portfolio. Please come back often, as I will be constantly updating this site with new and revised content as the months progress.


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