Customized aerosol portraits. Painted on canvas or wood.

Rates range from $140 to $400 for a completed piece. $20 to get your ideas started.

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Here's The Breakdown

I'll Reference Your Photos...

(Photos can be of selfies, your old MySpace pics, yearbook clippings, etc.)

...And Use My Paints...

(Aerosol paints, stencils, and paint markers are my primary tools of choice)

...To Create Something Like This!

(A RAL86-style customized aerosol portrait! Painted on canvas or wood panel)

Need some inspiration?
Take a look at my different work styles below.
Before we get started, let's go over a few things.
  • What Colors Would You Like To Have In Your Piece?

    A yellow and brown color scheme worked on the piece above, but maybe you might want a different set of colors. We have quite a few choices here.

  • You Have Any Preference In Size?

    Your project can be small enough to bake a batch of cookies on, or it can be as large as your big screen tv.

  • Canvas Or Wood Panel?

    There will be slight differences between the two, but your portrait will look great on either one!

  • Did You Have A Specific Price Range In Mind? I Offer Very Flexible Rates.

    My portrait costs range from $140 to $400, but I’ll only need 50% of that to get the painting process started.

  • How Soon Will You Need Your Piece By?

    My pieces take about 6-8 weeks to complete and have delivered to you, but if you need it sooner, Just ask!

Now let's go over my commissions process, in 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Send Me Your Photo

Send me those selfies, family portraits, etc., then I’ll start working on a “digital composition” soon after. Need help getting them to me? Just ask!

Step 2: Let's Talk Details

Have any special ideas for the colors included in this piece? The spray paints I use cover a wide range of choices, and can be previewed in our composition.

Step 3: Canvas Size and Orientation

Now let’s think about how big or small you’d like this piece, and which direction you’d like it to be hung. I’m happy to offer suggestions here, too!

Step 4: Let's Get Prepared

After I grab your chosen photos, color choices, and canvas dimensions, I’ll get to work on your composition. Finished pieces can take about 2-6 weeks to complete.

Pricing Details

The pricing structure may vary based on each project, but here are the general details on how I take payments.

$20 to get your composition started

This will help me with the time spent on designing your piece. This payment is not refundable, so please, serious inquires only.

Pay half the project funds to get piece painted

Once we're settled on the design, I'll then use half of the project funds to purchase paints and supplies. I'll send you progress photos beforehand to make sure that your painting is to your liking.

Pay the rest when your piece is complete

We can arrange a time for pickup or delivery soon after the final payment is received.

You can now send payments via PayPal!

We can also work with Venmo, checks, or cash payments too. Just ask!

Every Dollar You Spend Will Help In Supporting My Arts Scene And Community.

From mural and public art projects, exhibitions, studio work, and so on. Your support is very much appreciated.
Ready to get started?

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