This page outlines details on the services I provide for my customized art works, ranging from canvas projects, murals, skate deck projects, etc. My works are made using artist-quality spray paint*, acrylic paint markers, multi layered stencils, graphic design references and freehand drawing techniques, with concepts that make each of my pieces look and feel different from the rest. Scroll down for more info.

*Spray paint will be used as my primary medium unless noted otherwise.

Canvas Commissions

This section outlines rates for my canvas portrait commissions. *Please note: pricing details for each of these projects may vary, and that no specific pricing is guaranteed until specific plans and totals are agreed upon. 

Hourly Rate - $30 an hour

Minimum 5 hours work time per portrait, maximum 10 hours work time per portrait.

Supply Costs - $100

Supply costs will cover expenses for canvases, spray paint, stencils, acrylic paint markers, etc.

Please note - costs of supplies may vary based on canvas sizes and the amount of paints used. These details will also be outlined during the design phase.

Design Fee - $20 per Portrait

This is where I start the planning process for your portrait, using graphic design techniques to create a “digital concept” that shows a preview of your piece before I’m ready to paint. From here I’ll request that you send me your photo/photos you’d like me to reference, along with any other details you feel I should keep in mind during this design phase - such as color schemes, canvas sizes and positioning, etc. I charge $20 to get this phase started.

Additionally, this design phase will help me calculate exact costs and time frames needed for your finished piece, and will be outlined before I get started on the painting process.

Timeframe to Completion - 2 to 4 weeks per portrait

This is an estimated timeframe I give so that I'm allowing myself proper time and space to work on each of my projects, but in some instances these pieces are finished before 2 weeks worth of time.

Shipping Costs - $20 per Portrait

Exact shipping rates may vary depending on canvas size and address location, but this is my average on shipping for projects needing to be delivered in the United States. Your finished portrait will be bubble wrapped and securely encased in a custom cardboard box, then shipped to an address of your choosing via the United States Postal Service (USPS). This shipping fee does not apply if you’re able to pick up your portrait at my studio (located in West St Paul).


These commissions come with a few restrictions, but are designed to take advantage of my existing studio paints and supplies while they last.

-Limited to 2 different faces/portraits per project. Additional faces may increase overall price.

-Monochrome colors (or similar ones) only. Example: Blue tones, green tones, purple tones, etc. Limited to 6 different paints per portrait.

-Discounted commissions are painted on 20 x 24 inch canvases only.

-Shipping fees are not included with pricing, and are an additional $20 (within the United States, although pricing may vary based on state).

Mural Commissions

This section outlines rates for my exterior and interior murals. *Please note: pricing details for each of these projects may vary, and that no specific pricing is guaranteed until specific plans and totals are agreed upon. 

Hourly Rate - $30 to $50 an hour

Rates are based on several factors such as wall size, condition of wall, weather, accessibility, etc.

Supply Costs - Varies Based on Project Design

These costs cover my expenses for spray paints, interior/exterior paints, stencils, paint rollers, etc. Expenses for other equipment, such as scaffolds, lifts and projectors, may cost extra.

Design Fee - $200 per Design, up to 5 Revisions

This is the standard fee I charge to plan out my mural projects. Any additional changes that need to be made to concept after 5 revisions will be charged an additional $30 per revision.

Estimated Time Frame to Completion - About 40 hours

This is my standard time I give myself to complete most murals, but exact time frames may vary.

Payment Schedule

Design fees are due before mural concepts are started. After concepts are complete, I'll then require a 50% down payment to start the painting process, with the remaining 50% due after mural completion. Payment schedules for these amounts will need to be established soon after concepts are finished.

Other Commissioned Works

Selfie Commissions

Get one of your favorite selfies painted on a 9 x 12 inch canvas for $100. Select your favorite color and pay only half to get started. (Limited to one selfie and 1 monochrome color palette per painting. $10 extra for shipping)

Graff Tags

Customized names written in my RAL86 Graff style on a 9 x 12 inch HELLO canvas. ($20 per piece. $10 extra for shipping)

Skate Decks

Customized portraits on a used skate deck for $210. Select your favorite color and pay only half to get started. (Limited to one portrait and 1 color per deck, but multiple color options are available for an extra charge. $20 extra for shipping)

Ready To Get Started? Let's Talk!

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