Mural Commissions

Updated November 2023

Getting Started

Creative Brief
Every project begins with a creative brief where you share your vision with me. Costs and timelines are established during this time.

Design Fee due
Digital Mockup
The digital mockup helps ensure your vision is fully captured before painting begins. This is the time to share any adjustments you want made.

Artist Fee due
Painting Begins

The creative brief and digital mockup help me get ready to paint. I send progress updates throughout the project.

Completion Fee due

Mural Complete

Completing your mural can take between 3 days to 2 weeks. 


Timeline - 3 to 5 Days for Small Murals. Up to 2 Weeks for Large Murals.

Exact timeframes vary due to wall size and constraints, weather conditions (for outdoor murals), etc.

Cost Breakdown

The design fee supports the time and labor needed to create a digital mockup of your concept.

Design Fee

This supports the time and labor needed to create a digital mockup of your concept.

Please note - an additional Design Fee may be added if the project vision or specs change after a digital mockup is created.

Hourly Labor Rate

Rates are based on several factors. Wall size; condition of wall; if there are objects I need to paint around on the wall; weather; accessibility; or travel time.

Supply Costs

These costs will cover my expenses for spray paints, interior/exterior paints, stencils, paint rollers, etc.

Equipment Costs
These costs include larger equipment like scaffolds, lifts, and projectors. Not every project requires this.

Additonal Costs
Additional costs include travel, lodging, and dining costs. Not every project require this.

Payment - Venmo/CashApp Preferred, Cash or Check Also Accepted.

Three payments will be made throughout the commission process.

Design Fee
Due before the digital mockup is created.

Artist Fee
Due after the digital mockup is approved. This includes Supply Costs and half of the Labor Fees.

Completion Fee
Due after painting is complete. This includes the final half of the Labor Fees and Shipping Costs, if applicable.

Please note - no refunds after payments are made.

Acceptable Digital Payment Methods
Venmo - @ral86
CashApp - $ral86dotcom

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