Customized aerosol portraits. Painted on canvas or wood.

Rates range from $140 to $400 for a completed piece. $20 to get your ideas started.

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Here's The Breakdown

I'll Reference Your Photos...

(Photos can be of selfies, your old MySpace pics, yearbook clippings, etc.)

...And Use My Paints...

(Aerosol paints, stencils, and paint markers are my primary tools of choice)

...To Create Something Like This!

(A RAL86-style customized aerosol portrait! Painted on canvas or wood panel)

Before we get started, let's go over a few options.
  • What Colors Would You Like To Have In Your Piece?

    A yellow and brown color scheme worked on the piece above, but maybe you might want a different set of colors. We have quite a few choices here.

  • You Have Any Preference In Size?

    Your project can be small enough to bake a batch of cookies on, or it can be as large as your big screen tv.

  • Canvas Or Wood Panel?

    There will be slight differences between the two, but your portrait will look great on either one!

  • Did You Have A Specific Price Range In Mind? I Offer Very Flexible Rates.

    My portrait costs range from $140 to $400, but I’ll only need 50% of that to get the painting process started.

  • How Soon Will You Need Your Piece By?

    My pieces take about 6-8 weeks to complete and have delivered to you, but if you need it sooner, Just ask!

Need some inspiration?
Take a look at my different work styles below.
Now let's work on getting your project funded.
Here's an outline of the funds needed to create your piece. In three easy steps.

First Step


For A Digital Sample

To get your piece started, I’ll first need to put together a mock up, or “Digital Sample”, of what your piece will look like, which I’ll start working on as soon as your photo is received. Within this “Digital Sample”, we’ll spend some time testing out various color palettes and the positioning of your portrait.

Second Step


Of Asking PriceOnce all the details are sorted out in the previous step, I will then need 50% of the necessary funds and materials to start the painting process of your portrait. This is where the real magic begins.

Third Step


Of Remaining PriceOnce your portrait is nearing its completion, I’ll take some time to put together last minute tweaks and changes on it, with photos of the piece being shown to you along the way. Once you’re satisfied, just pay the rest of the remaining funds, and it’ll be all yours!

Want The Full Pricing Outline?

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*Please note: Preferred payment methods include cash or funds transfer via PayPal or Venmo.
Ready to get started?
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And as always, your support is very much appreciated. The finances gained from these commissions help in funding the costs for my studio and public art projects.
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